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Cornwall Gardens

Lanhydrock Gardens By Derek Winterburn

Cornwall Gardens – Lanhydrock

Cornwall Gardens – Exotic Plants Valleys and Estates Visitor Information

Cornwall gardens reflect the regions history stretching as far back as the Iron Age. The variety of Gardens gives the visitor to Cornwall a landscape of gardens in magnificent estates, castles, manor houses, sheltered sea facing valleys and quiet hidden walled enclosures.

The variety of gardens found in Cornwall owes as much to the enterprising travelling plant-hunters of the 19th century as it does to the warm and temperate influence of the Gulf Stream that enables these specimens to thrive.

These collectors brought back samples and seeds of exotic plants from around the world ensuring that the gardens in Cornwall are home to some of the rarest and most beautiful plants and trees to be found in the British Isles.

The large number fragile and exotic plants found in Cornwall flourish and are sustained by the benign climate of wet and mild winters and warm summers.

The gardens vary in size from a few acres to entire valleys and offer a great variety for the visitor to Cornwall.It is no coincidence that the Gardens of Cornwall feature in every Tourist Information publication aimed at attracting visitors to Cornwall. They are a unique and wonderful asset to Cornwall and enjoyed by the thousands who visit every year.

The gardens can vary from a paradise of water gardens and ponds where enormous tree ferns share the space with rhododendrons ,and where camellias and magnolias turning spring into a riot of vivid colours to a d seaside garden. with private beaches and boathouse.

Gardens with trees towering over garden walks or gardens with old Mill houses, ponds and lakes, Pineapple pits, greenhouses and walled gardens.

Gardens with formal terraces and views that stretch away over parkland or with views down a valley to the sea or over rolling fields to a creek or riverbank that has not changed for centuries.

You will find gardens with gently waving palm trees and specimens to rival Kew and plants and colours that will take your breath away in settings that are often as stunning as the natural display.

We have a variety of Visitor information and videos about the gardens of Cornwall with a slide show with just a few images of the many gardens below.  You can view our listing of Gardens in Cornwall here.

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© Photograph of Cornwall Gardens - Lanhydrock with kind permission of Derek Winterburn Flckr

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