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The Port of Fowey

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The Port of Fowey

Far more than a town or even a resort, Fowey is a river and estuary whose creeks, in Carew s phrase, fold about the land with many embracing arms and provide astonishing variety to yachtsmen, fishermen and walkers.  We have a listing of the Fowey Videos at the bottom of this page.

Iron Age man lived here. The Romans found it already a port. In 1380, the Spanish and in 1457 the French, tried to raze it to the ground. But it survived to revenge itself on both. Drake, Raleigh and Frobisher all sailed from Fowey. Lieutenant James Cook surveyed the harbour and a chart was produced in 1786, the original of which now hangs in the Harbour Commissioners Office. Queen Victoria visited in 1846, and Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and Daphne du Maurier made it a literary byword.

The Port of Fowey

Near the waterfront, antique shops, restaurants, chandlers and historic pubs jostle for space. There are architectural gems in the tiny streets that twist and tumble down the hillside towards the estuary: St Fimbarrus Church, founded in the 6th century, and Place, after 660 years still the seat of the Treffry family.

But it is in Fowey s extended family the community of little towns and villages linked to it by the river that its perennial fascination lies. These include Lostwithiel and nearby Restormel Castle, Lerryn, Golant, Bodinnick, Pont at the head of its wooded pill and Polruan.

All these places, either side of the estuary, are linked by ferry, and by walks, the most famous of which, the Hall Walk, witnessed an attempt on the life of Charles I. Discover the golden beaches of Readymoney Cove and Polridmouth and the landmarks of St Catherine s Point and the Gribben. Explore the woods of Station and Covington and, elsewhere, uncover ancient churches and settlements barely touched by the 20th century.

As you watch the town unfold from every angle, you will be glad you came and eager always to return.

Things to see and do in Fowey:

  • The Gribben And Daymark
  • St Catherine s Castle And The Rashleigh Mausoleum
  • The Quiller-Couch Memorial
  • Lerryn Creek And Ethy Wood
  • St Saviour s Point And Polruan The Mabel Lucie Atwell Museum
  • The Fowey Royal Regatta And Carnival Week In August
  • Fowey Museum And Fowey Aquarium
  • St Fimbarrus Church – Dedicated to St Finn Barr
  • Unravel The Trail Of References To Fowey And The Hinterland In The Novels Of Daphne Du Maurier
  • Take A River Or Coastal Cruise From Town Quay
  • Walk The Bronze Age Saints Way Between Fowey And Padstow Or The Famous Hall Walk Alongside The Estuary
  • Take A Guided Walk Around The Town Fish For Salmon Or Trout On The Upper Reaches Of The River Fowey (Licences And Permit Required)
  • Visit the coves of Whitehouse, Readymoney, Coombe or Polridmouth.
  • Take a ferry trip to the villages of Bodinnick or Polruan
  • Take a boat trip up the River Fowey to Lostwithiel (selected dates only)

Listing of Fowey Videos on the site.

  • Fowey Looe Kayak Fowey Looe Kayak via Polperro November 15, 2014 - Fowey Looe Kayak In this video (Fowey Looe Kayak) the Kayakers leave Fowey and head along the coast past into Polperro harbour and then back out to sea. Past Looe Island (St Georges Island) and arrival at Looe.   Great views of the coastline. There are several firms that operate around the coast offering guided trips […]
  • Fowey River Kayak Trip Fowey River Kayak Trip September 29, 2014 - Fowey River Kayak Trip video A Fowey River Kayak Trip from Lostwithiel to Fowey. Kayak hire and instruction are available in many locations throughout Cornwall and can make a great day out. Guided canoe trips and kayak hire on the River Fowey are available. .From April to October and year it operates most days. During […]
  • Fowey Harbour Bodinnick Ferry Fowey Harbour Bodinnick Ferry September 29, 2014 - Fowey Harbour Bodinnick Ferry Fowey Harbour Bodinnick Ferry: Fowey Cornwall video filmed on a June evening and morning, including the view from the Old Ferry Inn, Bodinnick. Fowey is one of Cornwall’s most attractive ports. In the summer Fowey is bustling with visitors who can sit and watch the action in the harbour as the […]
  • Kayaks River Fowey Kayaks River Fowey September 29, 2014 - Kayaks River Fowey in Cornwall Kayaks River Fowey – The river brings the water from Bodmin Moor to the coast an ever changing tidal river that displays a scenery from dark forest, hidden creeks, farmland, quiet villages and finally the coastal scenes of the deep water harbour at Polruan and Fowey. This video is of […]
  • Sailing from Falmouth to Fowey Sailing from Falmouth to Fowey September 29, 2014 - Sailing from Falmouth to Fowey A short video clip of a bumpy day sailing from Fowey to Falmouth in Cornwall. Falmouth to Fowey or the other way around a very popular day sailing distances for both local boats and those making a passage along the south coast of Cornwall. The Fowey to Falmouth race marks […]
  • The RNLI Historic Lifeboat Rally Fowey RNLI Historic Lifeboat Rally Fowey September 29, 2014 - The RNLI Historic Lifeboat Rally is held every year in Fowey. Former Lifeboats from all over the British Isles attend this annual rally. Well worth a visit to see and enjoy these wonderful old boats and marvel at the skill and courage of the crews who would launch these in terrible conditions to save lives […]
  • Daphne Du Maurier Cornwall Daphne Du Maurier Cornwall September 29, 2014 - Daphne Du Maurier Cornwall In this clip Daphne du Maurier Cornwall she talks about Vanishing Cornwall in this extract from ‘The Make Believe World of Daphne du Maurier’ and is a rare opportunity to see Dame Daphne at her home in Cornwall. She talks to Cliff Michelmore on a wide range of subjects about her […]
  • The World Cruise Ship edges into Fowey The World Cruise Ship edges into Fowey September 28, 2014 - The World Cruise Ship edges into Fowey Harbour The World cruise ship edges into Fowey harbour in July 2010 having visited Falmouth previously. The World serves as a residential community which is owned by its residents. The residents live on board as the ship slowly circumnavigates the globe — staying in most ports from 2 […]
  • The World Cruise liner leaves Fowey The World Cruise liner leaves Fowey September 28, 2014 - The World Cruise liner leaves Fowey The World Cruise liner leaves Fowey in 2010 after a short stay. Some facts about “The World” She has a gross tonnage of 43,524 tons. The World is 644 feet (196 m) long, 98 feet (30 m) wide, and has a 22-foot (6.7 m) draft, 12 decks, and a […]
  • Sailors Guide Fowey Harbour September 26, 2014 - Sailors Guide Fowey Harbour Narrow streets, steep hills, quaint shops and bustling restaurants Fowey an ideal stopover on your west country adventure. Our journey begins approaching Fowey (pron: Foy ) from the east, clearing the Udders Rock cardinal marker. We see the Fowey daymark and Fowey lighthouse. Then we approach Fowey from the south west […]
© Photograph of The Port of Fowey with kind permission of Martin-Pettitt Flckr

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