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Video Lighthouses Cornwall Tater Du

Lighthouses Cornwall Tater Du
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Video Lighthouses Cornwall Tater Du

Lighthouses Cornwall Tater Du:Located about 5 miles from Lands End, is a nice 30 min walk from picturesque Lamorna Cove.

Tater Du Lighthouse is Cornwall’s most recently built lighthouse.

The construction of the lighthouse followed the tragedy of losing a small Spanish coaster called the Juan Ferrer on the 23rd of October 1963, on Boscawen point with the loss of 11 lives.

The lighthouse is constructed with a completely automatic installation which is remotely controlled from the Trinity House depot in Penzance. The Lighthouse, built from local stone, was completed by the July of 1965.

It houses a 7 foot 1 inch lantern with an electric light which is powered from batteries charged from mains electricity during the day.

The light is 3 white lights flashed every 15 seconds, with a range of 23 miles. There is a separate red fixed light that shows in the line over the Runnelstone Rock.

The fog signal sounds two one second blasts every 30 seconds during fog.

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