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Enys Gardens Video

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Enys Gardens Video

The Enys Trust was formed in 2002 as a charity in order to secure the long term future of the garden at Enys and to open the garden to the public.  This video (Enys Gardens Video) was taken on a walk around the gardens several years ago.

The 50 acres of Enys Gardens is considered to be the oldest garden in Cornwall. Robert de Enys lived there during the reign of Edward 1.  J D Enys (1837-1912), an inveterate traveller, greatly enriched Enys with seeds and plants he regularly sent home from New Zealand and Patagonia.

In Spring the Enys bluebells in the parkland, known as Parc Lye, are a sight to behold. This area is believed to be undisturbed since ancient times, and contains many trees of a great age. The Estate has a fine collection of bamboos comprising a number of very rare varieties.

The Garden enjoys a virtually frost free microclimate and benefits like other famous Gardens in Cornwall from the the mild and temperate influence of the Gulf Stream . The Maidenhair tree at Enys (Ginkgo biloba) is said to be the tallest specimen outside Kew Gardens.

Enys Gardens open from April 1 to September 30, and are closed during the winter.

For more details, bookings or reservation you can contact telephone number 01872274536 or visit Enys Gardens web site.

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