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Trevithick Day Camborne 2009

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Trevithick Day Camborne 2009

Video covering the parade bands and steam engines that took part in the Trevithick Day Camborne 2009 parade. This an annual event to celebrate Held annually to celebrate the achievements of Richard Trevithick the Cornish engineer.

The main streets of Camborne are closed to traffic in order to host the attractions of Street Stalls, Choirs, Bands, Clowns, Buskers, Musicians, Dancers, Street Theatre, Processional Dances, Display of Vintage Vehicles, Model Exhibitions, Fairground Rides, Stationary Engine Display and more.

Trevithick Day Camborne 2009

Trevithick Day

We have more information and another video about Trevithick Day

You can read more about on the Trevithick Day web site.

[ready_google_map id=’377′] © Photograph of Trevithick Day Camborne 2009 with kind permission of Peter Ashley Flckr