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Sennen Lifeboat on the Thames

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Sennen Lifeboat on the Thames

The sight of Sennen Lifeboat on the Thames was an unusual one but one that is explained by the fact that it was visiting to thank the City of London RNLI branch for all the fund raising that had taken place to fun Sennen’s new boat.

The new Tamar Class lifeboat `RNLB City of London III` is the result of these efforts. Bumpy weather and some great shots of passing the Thames barrier and the O2 Dome at night.

The Tamar class lifeboat is fitted with Systems and Information Management System (SIMS) The Tamar’s propellers and rudders lie in partial tunnels set into the hull that, along with steel-lined main and bilge keels, provide excellent protection from damage in shallow water or slipway operations.

In addition to her twin engines, the lifeboat is fitted with a hydraulic-powered bow thruster for improved manoeuvrability. The Tamar carries a Y boat, an inflatable powered daughter boat housed under the aft deck, which can be deployed from a hinged door in the transom.

The first Tamar class lifeboats will gradually replace the Tyne class.

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The Map below shows the position of the Lifeboat Station at Sennen.