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Obby Oss Parade Padstow

Obby Oss Parade Padstow

The Obby Oss Parade Padstow is the most significant part of the Obby Oss day. The parade includes bands, singing with participants getting dressed to walk behind the Oss’s.

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Obby Oss Parade Padstow

During the day the parade is accompanied by the singing of the day song and in the evening the night song.
The Festival is an annual event held on May Day and is one of the oldest in the UK.

It is generally accepted that it has Celtic origins and is a celebration that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring and has similarities o other ancient festivals in the UK and Europe.

We have another video and information on the Celtic origins and background of the Obby Oss Festival .

Obby Oss Parade Padstow

© Photograph of Obby Oss Parade Padstow with kind permission of Brian Ledgard Flckr

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