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The Lizard Peninsula – Lizard Point Cornwall

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The Lizard Peninsula – Lizard Point Cornwall

Many ships have come to grief on the cliffs and reefs of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall where it juts out into the English Channel.   Ships are recommended to keep three or more miles off in any kind of rough weather.

The present Lighthouse was built in 1752 and was fully automated in 1998. It now houses the Lighthouse Heritage Centre.

It is estimated that a third of the all the world’s shipping traffic passes it each year.  On the day this video clip was filmed a steady
stream of ships passing up and down the English Channel could be seem clearly.

The video features includes a section looking down to Polpeor Cove where you can see the old Lifeboat Station. Between 1859 and 1961 the lifeboat was launched from here 136 times and saved 562 lives.  The Lifeboat Station and boathouse was replaced by the Kilcobben Cove station.  The Cornwall Shop has a lovely
print of the Lizard Lifeboat being launched down the slip.

Seals are a common sight here so keep your eyes peeled and remember NOT to walk the coastal path and look for seals at the same time!  We have a video featuring some of the Lizard seals.

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