Lands End Shipwreck – RMS Mulheim Spectacular Views from the cliffs above

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Lands End Shipwreck RMS Mulheim

The most recent Shipwreck at Lands End was the 1,846-tonne RMS Mulheim was making a passage from Cork to Lubeck, Germany, when she ran aground between Land’s End and Sennen at 0500 GMT on Saturday 22nd March 2003The six-strong Polish crew were airlifted to safety by a rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose.

They were taken to the Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station, where they were treated for shock.

There was a Major salvage operation that involved a crane and a pulley system on the cliffs immediately above the wreck. With as much of the cargo as possible being loaded onto a conveyor that transported the tyres and other automotive scarp and plastic to the cliff top.

The RMS Mulheim was loaded with more than 2,200 tonnes of car scrap metal. We have more information and another video of the RMS Mulheim wreck.

For more information and history of the wreck of the RMS Mulheim there is a BBC report on the subsequent Court Case

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