Golowan Festival Penzance Mazey Day – More street dancing and celebrations

The Golowan Festival brings the past and present together in Penzance’s community celebration of the traditional Feast of St. John.

Featuring The Golowan Band, Penglaz, Serpent Dances, The Quay Fair, the demonic democracy of the Mock Mayor Elections, Summer Fire, seaborne visitors to Sea and Sail and Quay Fair Day, banners and greenery, giant imagery and parades.

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Golowan Festival Penzance Mazey Day Parade

As well as the hundreds of local performers taking part, Golowan is pleased to welcome a host of national and international artists visiting to participate in the full ten-day programme of events. The midsummer Feast of John (Gol – Jowan) was revived in 1991 by Alverton School, members of Kneehigh Theatre, Penwith Penninsula Project and Penzance Town Council.

That one day of celebration – Mazey Day – has now grown into a ten-day festival, a platform for performers from the national and international stage, attracting over 70,000 visitors. The Golowan Festival has become the most colourful community festival in the South West – totally unique, nationally and internationally, but never losing its sense of tradition and place, blending Cornish tradition with contemporary imagery and ritual.

We have another video of the Mazey Day Parade with the opening sequence being the Falmouth Marine Band marching past.

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