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Field Sculpture Coverack

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Field Sculpture Coverack

A short video (Field Sculpture Coverack) filmed in the early morning showing the work of Sculptor Terence Coventry.

Terence Coventry’s farm lies along the cliff top of one of the most isolated and windswept promontories of the Cornish peninsula. It is an environment of extremes and opposites: the savage protracted winter gales and the balmy, almost subtropical climate; the rugged wind-blasted cliffs and the lush valleys; the harsh hinterland and the cosy coves. Terence Coventry has farmed the landscape for more than 30 years.

Rooted in a strong figurative tradition,his sculpture explores forms familiar to him. Through a harmonious synthesis of these contrasting facets, Coventry expresses his fundamental relationship with his environment and produces images of great power and tenderness.

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