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Dolphins Cornwall Coast

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Dolphins Cornwall Coast

Dolphins are a popular and common site in Cornish waters along with Basking sharks and porpoises. The video above (Dolphins Cornwall Coast) was taken off the coast of the Isles of Scilly.

Porpoises, whales and dolphins can be seen from the coast or at sea around Cornwall. Dolphins (particularly bottlenose dolphins) and porpoises can often be seen feeding and socialising close to shore all year round. Minke and fin whales occasionally come in closer to shore, particularly in deeper water areas and long-finned pilot whales can often be seen with dolphins or minke whales.

There are boats that operate from many ports around the coast of Cornwall that will take visitors out on Seal, Dolphin, Shark and whale watching trips.

For more information on the sea life you might see please visit the Cornwall Wildlife trust Cornwall Dolphins page.

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