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Cornwall Sustainable Tourism

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Cornwall Sustainable Tourism

From the Coast website on Cornwall Sustainable Tourism.

“It’s all about One Planet Tourism: tourism operating within its environmental, social and economic means, and providing environmental, social and economic benefit. Where-ever you’re based, where you are is a fantastic place to visit, to live and to work; it’s even better when we do it within our resources. And we absolutely believe that as there isn’t one single way of making everything right overnight, that every single small thing adds up to make that big difference.

Small steps. Big impact. And that takes us towards One Planet Tourism. As one member says, it now involves us all working together – Way Beyond Tourism.

A sustainable tourism industry: one hotel, one campsite, one boat-ride, one meal, one journey, one visitor, one holiday at a time. Which means all businesses, and groups, and communities, from all tourism and non-tourism sectors, working collectively. And our job at CoaST is to try and help that happen. By collaboration, and collective clout.”

The Coast web site.

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