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Bilbo The Life saving Newfoundland Sennen Cove

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Bilbo The Life saving Newfoundland

Bilbo The Life saving Newfoundland is Britain’s first fully trained canine lifeguard! and works at Sennen Cove in cornwall.

There ws an uproar when Bilbo was banned from the beach on Health and safety grounds causing thousands to sign petitions demanding everyone from Gordon Brown to the Queen should intervene and persuade officials to reclassify the six year Bilbo in the same manner as a Guide dog as a legitimate working animal and permit him back in the beach alongside his lifeguard owner.

Bilbo was finally given permission to return on the 28th of march 2009.

His owner Steve Jamieson, who at 57 is Britain’s longest-serving lifeguard and area supervisor for the RNLI, responsible for beach safety on the western tip of Cornwall, said he was delighted at the decision.

“The people not just in Cornwall but the whole of the UK have taken Bilbo to their hearts and, in the end, something had to be done about it. The council and the RNLI have done a stalwart job while Bilbo is ecstatic that he will be able to get back on the beach,” he said.

Bilbo was awarded Pet Hero of the year in a presentation by Michaela Strachan Click here to see Video.


Bilbo now spends much of his time promoting Beach Safety and campaigning on the importance of swimming between the flags on lifeguarded beached.


As you can imagine Bilbo Bilbo has his own web site.

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